Factory 2nd

Factory 2nd

All gas appliances coming from our overseas factory undergoes a vigorous test and quality check inspection before we release the goods. However when a unpreventable circumstance happens and there is a fault they end up on this page.

LKK factory 2nd appliances are all in working condition. Products on this page may have body damage caused during transit, a tiny ding, scratches, ex-display, near new equipment and prototype models. All products on this page are direct from manufacture and includes manufacturer warranty.

Warranty:Includes 3 months parts & labour warranty. Starts from date of purchase (not installation date).

Viewing:Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Best to call 09 8372960 to arrange an appointment. 

Model: LKK-3B/LKK-3BC
Serial Number: N/A
Dimensions: 1800x845x740mm(working height)

Faults: OLD STOCK (BEFORE 2017)
Retail Price: $6045+GST
Your Price: $3600+GST

Model: LKKOB8D+2O
Serial Number:N/A Dimensions:1200mm x 800mm x900mm(working height)
Faults: OLD STOCK(BEFORE 2016)
Retail Price: $6450+GST
Your Price: $3100+GST


Model: LKKPC-40
Serial Number:OHM2777008
Dimensions:395mm x 800mm x915mm
Faults: OLD STOCK(BEFORE 2016)
Retail Price: $4620+GST
Your Price: $2310+GST

Model: LKKOB6A+T
Serial Number: NW011611190071
Dimensions:900mm x 800mm x915mm(working height)
Faults: OLD STOCK (year 2016)

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